Updating from v2.1.7 to v2.2.x

These steps are assuming that v2.1.7 is installed. To upgrade to v2.2 from a version older than v2.1.7 , please upgrade to v2.1.7 first. If the tigergraph username and password have been changed, please have them ready as you will need them in order to update the system.

  1. Download tigergraph-2.2.x-offline.tar.gz with user “tigergraph” and extract the tarball file.

  2. Download the post_upgrade.sh script that is attached to this post.

  3. Run tigergraph.bin under the same folder to upgrade to 2.2.x

  4. Run the post-upgrade script that was downloaded in step 2 : post_upgrade.sh -u <sudoUser> [-P <sudoPass> | -K <sshKey> ] -p <tigergraphUserPass>